Children's Ministry

One of the ways that FCCMC meets the needs of our community is by providing a food pantry for people who might need a little extra food now and then to get through the month. We do our best to not only meet spiritual needs, but physical needs as well. We use every fifth sunday in the year to stock back up on our food pantry supplies so we can continue to be a blessing to others in our community. 

Growth groups are an opportunity for adults to come together during at different times during the week and connect to a smaller group of people to pray together, study the word, and go through life together. In these groups people have an opportunity to have deeper relationships with others as we all make it our goal to grow closer to Christ personally and in relationship with others. 


FCCMC is dedicated to the lives of our students. IMPACT Student Ministries exists to help students grow their faith by providing a way for Jesus to IMPACT their life and in turn they can IMPACT their world. We accomplish this through relevant teaching, exciting games, meaningful worship and fun events that are designed to connect students to Christ and to one another. 

The most important thing to us about worship is that Christ is being glorified. Everything that we do in our worship ministry is designed to make a big deal about Jesus and to do it to the best of our ability. Whether we sing contemporary songs or traditional hymns, our goal for our worship ministry is that we come into God's presence and honor him through music for his love, mercy, and grace.

The Ministries at FCCMC

First Christian Church supports a number of missions both in our community and across the globe. We look to support many people and organizations that make it their mission to bring people into an authentic relationship with Jesus. If you want to know more about who we support I would encourage you to click the link below and read more about what each of these organizations are doing to reach people for Christ. 

Worship ministry

Our Children's Ministry at FCCMC is here to partner with parents to help you develop your child's faith. Through activities, music, lessons, and different programs throughout the week, your child will come face to Jesus. 

All the ministries that we provide accomplish three things. We want everything that we do to glorify God, to connect people, and bring people closer to Christ. We are also very intentional about creating spaces for people to serve. We hope that as you look through the different ministries that we are a part of at FCCMC, you not only see our mission in everything we do, but also see a place for you to fit into what God is doing here. 

Growth Groups

Food Pantry

Love God. Love People. Lead them to Christ.

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