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Middle School students are unique because it is in this time of their life that they are really exploring their faith in an abstract way. They are moving beyond just absorbing the stories to really grasping the depth and the weight of the truth of Jesus Christ. Most importantly, it is in these three years that your Middle School student is really deciding what they believe about world, about humanity, about morals, and about Jesus Christ. They have the ability now to examine and weigh the evidence for the faith. What IMPACT Student Ministries desires to do is to partner with you and your student to show them the IMPACT Jesus has had on the lives of the adults that work with them and on the world around them. We are committed to pointing everything we do toward Jesus so that your student can have a real and life changing encounter with Jesus and His people.

Middle School can be an exciting time for our students but it can also be a very jarring time for them as well. There is a huge shock for students as they leave Elementary School and are pushed into Middle School. It's a totally different life with totally different responsibilities from what they experienced just a few months earlier. IMPACT Student Ministries is committed to partnering with you and your student during this exciting part of their life.

Over the next several months, we will be going through the book of James. James is a very practical book and it puts plainly what a Christian life is going to look like. This letter talks about everything from persevering through hardships to watching what we say and letting our actions match our speech. We think that this will be a helpful study that will be engaging and practice for your students. 

What we do

Middle School Students are Unique

Middle School

What we talk about

IMPACT Student Ministries is all about meeting the spiritual needs of your students the best we can through the power of the Holy Spirit. We feel like the best way to to give your middle school student what they need is by making a separate space for your student to learn and connect in. On Wednesday Nights, we give your student their large group time. During this hour, they play a game to connect with one another and then we go begin our teaching time. Our teaching time is specifically focused for the age of your middle school student. On Sunday nights, your student can participate in a small group setting where they discuss what was talked about Wednesday night and work out how they can practically live out our their faith in their day to day lives. 

Love God. Love People. Lead them to Christ.