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high school

High School is an interesting time in the life of your student. For many of your students, this is the first time that they get a taste of freedom and responsibility. During their teenage years, they will learn to drive, go on dates, experience some pretty complex social issues, ask questions, and get ready for their future. In four short years, high school students go from middle school to going to college or being thrust into the real world. IMPACT Student Ministries wants to equip your student so they can have an IMPACT on their world for Jesus. 

what we do

High School students are unique because they are at a time in their life where they have been abstractly thinking about the world for several years. By this point, many students have decided what they believe to be true about God, Jesus, humanity, social issues, and several other important and formation things. High School is really the time when students practice their faith. They are figuring out what following Jesus looks like in their day to day life. IMPACT Student Ministries want to help partner with your High School student to help steer your student toward Jesus. We want to encourage your student how to live a life patterned after Jesus and we are dedicated to being that example for your student so that they can make their faith their own. 

IMPACT Student Ministries is all about meeting the spiritual needs of your students the best we can through the power of the Holy Spirit. We feel like the best way to to give your high school student what they need is by making a separate space for your student to learn and connect in. On Wednesday Nights, we give your student their small group time. During this hour, they play a game to connect with one another and then they discuss the events in their lives and how Jesus works in the midst of that. We use this time to talk deeper about what we spoke about earlier in the week and challenge them to live out their faith day to day. On Sunday nights, your student has their large group gathering. During this time, we participate in a game where students can connect with one another. We often have a student lead worship service where students are encouraged to participate and lead. We also have a teaching time where our conversations are specifically geared for your high school student. 

Over the next several months, we will be going through the book of James. James is a very practical book and it puts plainly what a Christian life is going to look like. This letter talks about everything from persevering through hardships to watching what we say and letting our actions match our speech. We think that this will be a helpful study that will be engaging and practice for your students. 

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high school Students are Unique