​​Love God. Love People. Lead them to Christ.

First Christian Church

​Services every Sunday at 11:00am 

1504 Hwy 52 Moncks Corner SC 29461



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What kind of church is FCCMC?    

We are a Christian Church that is a part of the Restoration Movement.  We are non-denominational and believe we are not the only Christians but Christians only.  We are self-governed with Jesus Christ as the head of the church, Elders as the spiritual overseers and believe that every believer is a minister.

How do I become a member of FCCMC?    

We are an open fellowship of believers.  If you have accepted Jesus as Savior and Lord and been baptized by immersion, then you are invited to join us here to serve Him.  We offer a decision time each week in worship for anyone ready to make a faith decision for the first time, those who wish to join our fellowship, or anyone who needs prayer.

What is the style of music for Worship at FCCMC?    

At the core of worship, God is concerned with the state of our hearts.  We believe that a rich collection of Christian songs, both past and present, provides a meaningful worship experience.  We use a variety of creative and artistic ways to communicate with God and His people.  Our main criteria for worship is:  “Does it honor the Lord and draw all people unto Him?”.

 How is communion celebrated at FCCMC?    

We honor the practice of celebrating Communion—eating unleavened bread and drinking fruit of the vine—each Lord’s day here at FCCMC.  We do this as a constant reminder of Jesus’ sacrifice for all.  We partake in unison, as one body, to allow each person time to examine themselves and to show unity.  All believers are invited to share in this special time of worship.

 Is there are dress code at FCCMC?    

You will find a variety of attire with our church.  Some choose to dress in the finest clothes they have, while others choose to dress comfortably and casually.  The main point is that you are here to worship the living God.  Our God looks at our hearts, not our outward appearance.  So, come as you are!

 Do I need to keep my young children with me?    

We offer nurturing, bible-based, age appropriate, classes for all ages of children.  For children ages birth to 2 years, we have Nursery available.  For children ages 3 & 4, we have a time of worship called Wee Worship.  For children ages 5 through ages in 5th grade, we have a full Kid’s Church available, complete with their own praise and worship time.  Youth from 6th grade—12th grade are invited to worship in our sanctuary.  If you need help locating classrooms for your children, please ask one of our greeters for assistance.