God's vision for every one who is a part of FCCMC is for us to GROW.  When you look at a healthy tree you see growth.  But all parts of the tree are growing simultaneously.  The roots must continue to grow deeper while the trunk gets stronger, the branches reach farther, and it produces greater fruit.  That's a great metaphor for our lives.  The roots represent our relationship with God.  We need to see it deepen at all times.  The trunk represents our relationships with each other in the body of Christ.  It needs to be strong.  The branches are our outreach, the opportunities we have to reach farther into our community and our world for Christ.  The fruit is the evidence of our faith demonstrated by works - and we want do greater things for Him.  In order to see this kind of GROWth occur in our adults, we want to see everyone be a part of a GROWth Group.  GROWth groups are small groups that will meet either in a host’s home or here at church.  Some may meet on Sunday mornings at church before the worship service, while most will meet on Sunday nights.  We all have the need for community – “doing life together” – more than ever before … which is why we are committed to the ministry of GROWth Groups.   If you're not in one yet ... let us get you connected with one today!


​Study of James:

Genuine Faith — Many churches, and many believers, long for a deeper, more whole-hearted Christian life. But what does that look like? James wrote his letter to show us. This deeply practical book of the Bible shows us what genuine faith looks like. These six sessions will reveal to groups and individuals how to experience joy in hardships, patience in suffering, and whole-heartedness in how you speak, act and pray.  Charles Lawrimore will be leading this Bible study in Room 10.


Boundaries — We all have limits.  

The problem for most of us is either we don’t know those limits, or we fail to honor them in ourselves and others.  This is a Bible study that correlates with the ground-breaking book Boundaries, by Henry Cloud & John Townsend.  If you ever have issues with managing yourself or your time … if you have a difficult time dealing with the difficult people in your life … if you are tired of feeling like you have lost control or that you are trying to control too much … then you need to be here to see what truth God’s Word has for you.  David will be leading this study and it will meet in Room 11.

Love God. Love People. Lead them to Christ.

First Christian Church